My daughter’s third grade class was having a Christmas party. Therefore, I searched online for something unique to entertain my daughter’s eighteen classmates. I really wanted something different from your “average school” Christmas party. A few days prior, I booked the face painting and balloon twisting services at Parama Art Studio-/ dallasfacepainting.com with Mr. Hans. I, whom am a fastidious individual, was very pleased with his creative abilities. He arrived promptly and he made sure that all of the nineteen children were taken care off. I will definitely recommend him for events. I am also going to employ him for my daughter’s up coming birthday party. Oh, did I mention how EXCITED the CHILDREN were! Well… ASTOUNDED, they were!

Rhondra G.
Stay at Home Mother/Volunteer

December 17, 2009

I was planning my daughter's 6th birthday party and wanted something different than other parties as this would be her first "real" party being in school and having more friends. So I thought of face painting / Balloon Twisting and came across Hans' website and sent him an email to inquire. His reply was quick and after speaking with him I was so excited and "hired" him right away.

He is an absolute pleasure to work with. I was thrilled that he traveled to where we are for her party. The kids LOVED it and so did the adults! Me especially because I did not have to worry about entertaining the kids ;) Hans is super talented and we loved watching him create his masterpieces. I totally recommend him to be part of anyone's party or event, you will definitely enjoy it!

Hans, you are wonderful!! I know my daughter and her guests will remember this for a long time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Michelle G

It was a pleasure working with Hans. Hans’s talent is in making balloon animals and sculptures in an amazing and extremely creative manner. He goes far beyond the regular puppy dog figures with his magical balloon twisting, He interacts will with people of all ages, from young children to adults and a line-up follows him wherever he goes. Flexible and professional, Hans was easy to work with and We would recommend him to any festivals or event seeking to create something fun and different for their guests.

G. Klain Event Coordinator

Hans and Stacie has been putting smiles on children’ s faces at the Children's Festival for 2 years. A consummate professional, Hans and Stacie balloon sculptures that delight young and old alike. I have no hesitation in recommending Hans and Stacie as a balloon artist and Face Painters as creative spirit and attention to detail that will be an asset to any event.

Paul M. Festival Director

I would like to thank you Hans , Hans you did a fabulous job. The families were thrilled to have such a creative and entertaining artist! Your art and brilliant character brought so many smiles on faces of both children and adults. You provided wonderful memories for our recipients, participants and volunteers. We would be honored if you would take part in our next Events Fun Run and Walk again.

Santosh Das

Hans, Balloon Master, recently assisted our class in our Kids day. He tirelessly worked with the children making them balloon characters. It was awesome! I must admit, I thought that it would be nice to have someone to make a few poodles for the kids. However, I was blown away by the artistry, intricacy and creativity that he brings to balloons. I have never before seen anything like it! He was a huge hit at our Kids Day, and it would not have been the same without him. Hans loves what he does and it truly shows. I fully recommend him and his services to anyone who wants to have someone who will entertain kids and leave them with truly unique keepsakes and fond memories of a very special day.

Ananda Svarup / Teacher
Garland, TX